2000-MAR-15: the web pages were moved to new location

1998-DEC-30: MET&ROLL.HTM modified, new: M&R.ARJ (new version of Met&Roll package)

1998-DEC-30: DUB.HTM modified, pf99 included

1998-DEC-10: DUB.HTM and OZONE.HTM modified

1998-NOV-13: dub.htm modified

1998-NOV-08: modified

1998-AUG-31: all *.HTM files were modified (the case of the characters in targets and hyperlinks are now the same)

1998-APR-13: modified

1998-MAR-26: modified

1998-FEB-26: new version of O3_text1.htm

1998-JAN-07: modified

1998-JAN-03: modified

1997-DEC-29: modified

1997-DEC-12: the first version of the web pages was published

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