MAGION History

MAGION is a name of the serial of small MAGnetospheric and IONospheric satellites manufactured in Czech Republic to be launched as Russian scientific S/C hitch-hikers. These satellites are designed to perform measurements of space plasma parameters by a satellite/subsatellite pair simultaneously in two points which are not far from each other. These satellites are also intended to perform diagnostic researches in the region of actively injecting complex mounted on the main S/C.

The history of the MAGION satellites development spings to the middle of seventieth, when in the frame of the INTERCOSMOS space programme there were started the development of the first MAGION S/C, which was launched into the orbit in the pair with the S/C INTERCOSMOS-18 in 1978.

Popular history of MAGION satellites ->

Spacecraft Launch date Weight Perigee Apogee Stabilization
Magion 1 24.10.1978 15 kg 406 km 768 km magnetic field
Magion 2 28.09.1989 52 kg 500 km 2500 km magnetic field
Magion 3 18.12.1991 52 kg 438 km 3070 km magnetic field
Magion 4 03.08.1995 59 kg 1 000 km 198 000 km spin
Magion 5 29.08.1996 64 kg 1 000 km 20 000 km spin