Magion 3

MAGION-3 S/C was manufactured as the subsatellite of the APEX S/C. The APEX project had the following primary objectives:

  • Simulation and initiation of aurora and radio frequency radiation in the auroral area.
  • Study of the dinamics of modulated beams and plasmoids in the near – earth plasma.
  • Study of the nature of electrodinamic relationship of electromagnetic waves in magnetosphere and ionosphere.
  • Determination of radio emission characteristics of modulated beams of charged particles and plasmoids.
  • Search for non-linear wave structures of the electromagnetic soliton type in disturbed environment.

MAGION-3 scientific payload was almost the same as for MAGION-2.

Key APEX mission data

Launch date: December 18, 1991
Separation date: December 28, 1991
Orbits: apogee 3000km, perigee 400km, inclination 83deg.