About us

The Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS (IAP) is a public research institution, which is one of the research institutions of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The main scientific focus of the institute is the research of processes in the Earth's atmosphere and near space. This is a broad area of ​​science from research and forecast of atmospheric phenomena occurring in the lower parts of the atmosphere studied by researchers from the Department of Meteorology, to the causes and effects of climate change and its impact on society studied by scientists from the Department of Climatology, to phenomena in the upper parts of the atmosphere and ionosphere, which is studied at the Department of Ionosphere and Aeronomy. Follow-up research of physical processes in the near space and in the solar system is carried out by the staff of the Department of Space Physics and the working Group of Numerical Simulations of Heliospheric Plasma. In addition to basic research, the institute's staff participates in the design and development of scientific instruments and methods or in monitoring and special observations both on the Earth's surface and high in the atmosphere and near space. The obtained scientific data are further shared across the scientific community in the framework of rich international cooperation and the research results are published in recognized scientific journals.

The IAP was founded on January 1, 1964 and the main building is located in the premises of the Institute of Geophysics, CAS in Prague - Spořilov. In addition, the institute manages the Milešovka and Kopisty meteorological observatories, the Panská Ves observatory and telemetry station, the Průhonice ionospheric station and the Dlouhá Louka joint observatory.

The research activities of the IAP are carried out in close cooperation with foreign and domestic scientific and research institutions, including universities. The institute is also a successful proposer of many national and international grant projects. Last but not least, the staff of the institute participates in teaching of students at universities in the form of lectures and the supervisions of bachelor, master and doctoral theses. For younger students and the public, the institute organizes numerous popularization events such as excursions, lectures and demonstrations of the work of researchers and actively participates in various scientific festivals. The presentation of research and scientific results also takes place in cooperation with the public media and is regularly published online.


Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Bocni II, 1401
141 00 Prague 4
Czech Republic