About us


The Institute of Atmospheric Physics was established in 1964 as a continuation of the former Laboratory for Meteorology of the Geophysical Institute. The main research focus was on the processes taking place in the troposphere. In 1994, the former Ionospheric Dept. of the Geophysical Institute joined the IAP, thereby expanding the research domain, which now covers the whole atmosphere from the boundary layer up to interplanetary space.


The IAP deals with scientific investigations of the atmosphere in its whole vertical extent, thus studying the boundary layer, troposphere, middle atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth by applying experimental and theoretical methods and numerical simulations. The activities include also monitoring and special measurements, data evaluation and their transfer into worldwide data networks, and expertises.

The research is now conducted in the following streams:

  • atmospheric boundary layer processes
  • mesoscale, dynamical, and applied meteorology
  • climate variability and climate change
  • ozone research
  • ionosphere and magnetosphere, including our own satellite experiments
  • space plasma physics
  • solar-terrestrial relations


The institute consists of four departments and one workgroup:

  • Department of Meteorology
  • Department of Climatology
  • Department of Ionosphere and Aeronomy
  • Department of Space Physics
  • Group of Numerical Simulations of Heliospheric Plasma

The institute has five observatories:

  • Meteorological observatory Milešovka
  • Meteorological observatory Kopisty
  • Meteorological observatory Dlouhá Louka
  • Telemetric station Panská Ves
  • Ionospheric observatory Průhonice

Professional and age structure

The number of the Institute staff amounts to 101 persons (or 80.9 if recalculated to the number of full-time jobs), 40% of which hold the PhD degree or its equivalent. Favourable features of the age structure are rather even distribution of the staff among all age categories, and in particular, a relatively high share of the young (both postgraduates and undergraduates)


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