Magion 2

MAGION-2 S/C was manufactured as the subsatellite of the ACTIVE S/C (INTERCOSMOS-24) and as the first subsatellite of a series of in- ternational scientific projects ACTIVE, APEX, INTERBALL.

As opposed to the MAGION-1 this S/C series with weight up to 65 kg has the form of a simmetrical polyhedron, has a set of folding booms for sensors , has digital system of data collection and has a gasjet propulsion engine. The scientific goal of the subsatellite of the ACTIVE project was to investigate space structure of physical phenomena which accompany plasma injection and to investigate powerful ULF emission into the magnetosphere as in a near (up to 10 km) zone , as well as in middle and far zones of the main S/C on which active injecting devices were mounted.

Key ACTIVE mission data

Launch date: September 28, 1989
Separation date: October 2, 1989
Orbits: apogee 2500km, perigee 500km, inclination 83deg.

MAGION-2 scientific payload:

  • magnetic fields, 3 components – magnetometer SGR-7;
  • magnetic field fluctuation measurements, 1 component – magnetometer SGR-6;
  • wave measurements: 3 components of electric fields, 1 component of magnetic fields and spectrum analizer – KEM-1 wave complex;
  • measurements of the temperature and density of cold plasma – KM-12 and KR-12 instruments;
  • lengmure probe – ZL-A-C;
  • radio spectrometer – PRC-2-C;
  • measurement of particles – DANI-C, MPC, DOK-A-S, CEA instruments.