Dlouhá louka observatory

Meteorological observatory Dlouhá louka

The Dlouhá Louka Observatory is located in the eastern part of the Ore Mountains, at an altitude of 885 m above sea level. The observatory belongs to the cadastre of the municipality of Osek, Litvínov district. The mast of the lattice structure is situated east of the cottage settlement Dlouhá Louka. It is located on the very edge of the flat peaks of the Ore Mountains, directly above the industrial Most basin. By its location, it thus complements the observatories on Milešovka, located on the opposite side of the Most Basin, and in Kopisty, which lies at its bottom. The total height of the mast is 51 m, the measuring platforms are located in the height levels 10, 15, 30 and 48 m above the ground.

At the time of its establishment in 1993, the Dlouhá Louka Observatory was involved in the "Experimental Wind Power Plant" project, financed by the ČEZ Group. A specialized observatory with a meteorological mast and an EWT 315kW experimental wind turbine was built in Dlouhá Louka. The research was focused on measurement of the vertical profile of wind speed and turbulence characteristics in mountain area and on the evaluation of the effect of turbulence, icing and electric discharges on the operation and performance of a wind turbine. Between the years 1993–2000, a maintenance of measuring instruments and a wind power plant worked permanently at the observatory.

After the end of the four-year project in 2000, the power plant was dismantled and is currently located at Boží Dar. The wind measurements were maintained to a limited extent; the activities of the permanent observatory maintenance were terminated in the same year. In 2010, a wooden shelter was built in the lower part of the mast to protect electrical equipment and data loggers.

In 2016-17, the observatory went through a complete reconstruction.

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