Meteorological observatory Milešovka

The meteorological observatory Milešovka is situated on the top of the Milešovka Mt. (837 meters a.s.l.) being the highest peak of the "České středohoří" Mts. The isolated phonolite cone of the Milešovka Mt. dominates its vicinity as it is by 400 meters higher than the surrounding terrain. This mountain was formed by the volcanicity in the Tertiary era. The slopes of the Milešovka Mt. are slanted up to 30° being nearly completely wooded, while birches, lindens, oaks, maples, and beeches create the forest.

Milešovka is the oldest mountain meteorogical observatory in Czech Republic, the duration of meteorological measurements reached 100 years in 2005. It is known as one of the windiest and thunderstorm rich station in the Czech territory. Another specialty is high number of days with low visibility as the top of the hill is quite often covered by low stratiform clouds.

Observatory provides routine meteorological and climatological measurements, there is a 24/7 service. The staff of observatory consists of five observers, who turn in whole week work shifts.

Thanks to its exceptional locality a lot of experimental measurements are performed at the observatory. In terms of CRREAT projects the instruments to detect and measure cosmic particles as well as electric and magnetic fields are located on observatory. Campaign measurements of aerosols are performed there by Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals. Another field of interest is cloud physics. Therefore the Ka band cloud profiler was located there and later the X band radar was added. Experimental optical link between the garden and top of observatory tower studies the attenuation caused by fog and wind turbulent flow.

Milešovka - South, 837 m n.m.