Meteorological observatory Kopisty

The meteorological observatory Kopisty is situated in the central part of the North Bohemian lignite basin, 240 m above sea-level, in the immediate vicinity of petrochemical factory Chemopetrol Litvínov. In the past it was surrounded by lignite mines, the largest of them – Ležáky has been recultivated and transformed into the lake Most. The proximity of the petrochemical factory, lignite mining, heavy industry and heavy traffic in the vicinity influence significantly the air quality in this location.

Kopisty observatory was based in 1969 together with CHMI observatory Tušimice with the aim to study the influence of industry and mines to the environment.

Observatory provides routine meteorological and climatological measurements during the day time. The staff of observatory consists of three observers, who turn in whole week work shifts.

The part of observatory is 80m meteorological mast equipped by 3D sonic anemometers in every 20m as well as temperature and humidity measurements for boundary layer studies.

Kopisty - E direction, 240 m.s.l.