Cloudprofiler METEK MIRA 35c

On 20 March 2018, the MIRA 35c cloud radar from METEK was installed at the Milešovka Observatory at an altitude of 837 m above sea level. The instrument measures cloud particles in the vertical direction with a time step of 2 seconds. The obtained values tell about the size, type and movement of cloud particles:

Reflectivity (Ze) – energy backscattered by cloud particles

Doppler radial velocity (V) – the speed of particle motion towards the radar (negative values) and away from the radar (positive values)

Dopller spectra width (W) – particle velocity dispersion; high values indicate turbulent and chaotic flow

Linear depolarization ratio (LDR) – resolution of the type of reflecting particles, detects the melting level

The radar operates at a frequency of 35 GHz and is thus designed to detect cloud particles, with strong attenuation when precipitation occurs. Thus, gaps can be seen in the data between high reflectance values.

The actual measurements for the last 20 minutes and 3 hours are shown below.

Measurement image archive