Meteorological glossary

Electronic Meteorological Glossary (eMS) is the result of many years of work by the terminology group of the Czech Meteorological Society (ČMeS). It is a continuation of the book edition of the glossary, published in 1993. At that time, the glossary contained over 4,100 entries, of which more than three quarters were explanatory. Czech terms were provided with equivalents in five other languages.

Since the resumption of the terminology group of the Czech Meteorological Society in 2010, the staff of the department of meteorology, IAP CAS, have become the core of this group. The revised glossary was published online in 2015 and further supplemented and modified. Since 2019, it has been fully electronic, with links between terms, which are continuously updated, so that their number has grown to more than 4,500. In addition to alphabetical ordering, the terms can also be filtered thematically. Within the research of meteorological terminology, individual entries are added by notes on the origin and etymological meaning of the terms. Foreign language indexes (English, French, German, Russian and Slovak) are also undergoing continuous review.

Electronic Meteorological Glossary is available at or, the backup version can be found at