Meteorological terminology

Since the resumption of the terminology group of the Czech Meteorological Society in 2010, the staff of the department of meteorology, IAP CAS, have become the core of this group. At that time, the group was headed by Dr. Daniela Řezáčová; Dr. Miloslav Müller took over the management in 2018. Our main mission is to manage the Czech electronic meteorological glossary, both in terms of the content and the technology, the second being served by Dr. Petr Zacharov.

Simultaneously with the work on the meteorological glossary, we do research on the Czech and international meteorological terminology. We compiled an overview of old foreign meteorological glossaries and dictionaries, and derived from it the main trends in the development of meteorological terminology across various countries (Müller et al., 2022). Thus, we were able to grasp the history of Czech meteorological terminology in an international context (Müller, Zacharov, 2022). Inter alia, we discovered probably the oldest meteorological dictionary, which was published between 1893 and 1895 in Japan, and the oldest list of Czech meteorological terms from 1931, which was part of a multilingual index attached to the French meteorological lexicon.

Within the project GAČR 19-03834S, solved in cooperation with the Institute of Philosophy CAS, we contribute to the clarification of the origin of individual meteorological terms, both from a historical and etymological point of view. In this way, we help users of meteorological terminology to better understand the meaning of technical terms and to understand also historical ideas about meteorological processes and phenomena. We also deal with the thematic classification of meteorological terms in order to specify their mutual relations.

  • GA19-03834S: Historical development of meteorological theories and terminology in the Czech Lands, 2019-2021.