Czech Extreme Weather Database (CZEXWED)

The database contains the 60 most severe heat waves, cold waves, air temperature drops, windstorms, heavy precipitation events, and heavy snowfalls from the period 1961–2020. The events are evaluated using the weather extremity index (WEI), which combines the size of the affected area (aWEI, km2) and the average return period of the corresponding meteorological element (NWEI, years) for the detected duration of the event (tWEI, days). In addition, two derived indices are given, namely the area concentration index (ca) and the time concentration index (ct); high values of ca reveal an intense event within the affected area, ct expresses the relative extremity of the day when the event was strongest.

A list of all extreme events will be available for download in future. You can determine the WEI value for any time period and view a map of the distribution of the corresponding meteorological element here.