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10 m diameter dish antenna in Panská Ves station for reception of data from MAGION 4, 5 and CLUSTER satellites.
Receiving of satellites started at the observatory of Panská Ves in 1967 during INTERKOSMOS project. It received signals from many scientific mission such as APEX, AKTIVNI, INTERBALL, MIMOSA, CHIBIS, RBSP and CLUSTER. It was the only station that received (downlink) and controlled (uplink) five Czech(-oslovak) MAGION satellites. The antennae, including two 10 m dish antennae, received signals in VHF (137 MHz), UHF (400 MHz), L (1,5 GHz) a S (2,2 GHz) frequency bands. Panská Ves has been included in to the Deep Space Network (DSN) and receives currently data from Wideband instrument onboard of CLUSTER mission. The receiving station is gradually modernized and maintained at state-of-art technical level.