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GA21-07954S, , 2021-2024, investigator (IAP): Pejchová Plavcová Eva
GA21-03295S, Long-term trends of anthropogenic and natural origin in the stratosphere and upper atmosphere., 2021-2023, investigator (IAP): Laštovička Jan description
SAV-21-01, Bilaterální spolupráce, Institute of Experimental Physics, SAS , , 2021-2022, investigator (IAP): Chum Jaroslav
TAČR SS02030040, PERUN - Prediction, Evaluation and Research for Understanding National sensitivity and impacts of drought and climate change for Czechia, 2020-2026, lead investigator: Tolasz, R. (ČHMÚ), investigator (IAP): Sokol Zbyněk, team: Beranová, R., Bližňák, V., Kašpar, M., Müller, M., Pokorná, L., Rulfová, Z., Zacharov, P., Řezáčová, D.
TAČR SS01020366, ERS - Using remote sensing to assess negative impacts on rainstorms, 2020-2024, investigator (IAP): Bližňák Vojtěch, team: Pokorná, L., Kašpar, M.
TAČR CK01000048, Forecasting system of road surface condition and temperature of the Czech highways, 2020-2023, investigator (IAP): Zacharov Petr, team: Bližňák, V., Pešice, P., Sedlák, P., Sokol, Z. description
MŠMT EF18_054/0014500, Development of Research and Development Capacities at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics CAS, 2020-2023, investigator (IAP): Nováková Alena
GA ČR GA20-28560S, Driving mechanisms of extremes in reanalysis and climate models, 2020-2022, investigator (IAP): Kyselý Jan, team: Beranová, R., Lhotka, O., Martínková, M., Urban, A., Bešťáková, Z. description
GA ČR GA20-09671S, , 2020-2022, investigator (IAP): Kolmašová Ivana
GA ČR GF20-06802L, , 2020-2022, investigator (IAP): Taubenschuss Ulrich
MŠMT LTV20001, , 2020-2022, investigator (IAP): Kolmašová Ivana
LTC19043, Extremeness and causes of compound weather events in Central Europe, 2019-2022, investigator (IAP): Skripniková Kateřina
MZe QK1910029, Antecedent saturation and design rainfalls as factors of hydrological response in small catchments, 2019-2022, investigator (IAP): Kašpar Marek, team: Bližňák, V., Müller, M., Zacharov, P.
MŠMT LTC19044, Modeling compound climate events in Central Europe, 2019-2022, investigator (IAP): Lhotka Ondřej, team: Pejchová Plavcová, E., Stryhal, J.,
GA19-03834S, Historical development of meteorological theories and terminology in the Czech Lands, 2019-2021, investigator (IAP): Müller Miloslav, team: Matúšek Miloš
GA ČR GA19-05011S, Spatial and temporal dynamics of hydrometeorological extremes in montane areas, 2019-2021, investigator (IAP): Kašpar Marek, team: Müller M., Bližňák V.
GA ČR GJ19-24425Y, High-impact winter weather in climate models, 2019-2021, investigator (IAP): Pejchová Plavcová Eva, team: Stryhal, J., Urban, A., Lhotka, O. description
GA ČR GA18-01969S, Atmospheric waves: dynamics and vertical coupling, 2018-2021, investigator (IAP): Chum Jaroslav
GA18-05285S, EMIC emissinos in the magnetosphere, 2018-2021, investigator (IAP): Grison Benjamin
GA ČR GA18-22125S, Modelling weather-to-human health links, 2018-2021, investigator (IAP): Kyselý Jan, team: Urban, A., Plavcová, E., Hanzlíková, H., spoluřešitel: Kynčl, J. (SZÚ) description
GA ČR GA18-01625S, The influence of greenhouse gases and another drivers on long-term trends in the stratosphere-mezosphere-termosphere-ionosphere systém, 2018-2021, investigator (IAP): Laštovička Jan
SAV-18-04, Bilaterální spolupráce, Institute of Experimental Physics, SAS , , 2018-2021, investigator (IAP): Chum Jaroslav
GA ČR GA18-15958S, Development of high-resolution spatial weather generator for use in present and future climate conditions, 2018-2020, investigator (IAP): Dubrovský Martin, team: Lhotka, O., spoluřešitel: Štěpánek, P. (ÚVGZ) description
EF15_003/0000481 CRREAT , , 2017-2022, investigator (IAP): Kolmašová Ivana, team: Santolík, O., Sokol, Z., Minářová, J., Pešice, P., Bližňák, V., Zacharov, P.
LTAUSA 17100 LTAUSA17100, Models of thermal plasma parameters in the Earth\'s environment and their specification in real time using satellite data, 2017-2022, investigator (IAP): Truhlík Vladimír
GA ČR GA17-07027S , Analysis of electromagnetic manifestations of thunderstorms using multi-point and multi-instrument ground-based and satellite measurements, 2017-2019, lead investigator: Kolmašová, I., investigator (IAP): Kolmašová Ivana
GA17-08772S , Experimental and numerical analysis of wave particle interactions in the solar wind and magnetosheath, 2017-2019, investigator (IAP): Souček Jan
GJ17-06818Y , Heliospheric remote sensing and in situ observations applicable to space weather forecasting, 2017-2019, investigator (IAP): Krupař Vratislav
GA ČR GA17-08857S , Plasma Interactions of Jovian Icy Moons, 2017-2019, investigator (IAP): Štverák Štěpán
ESA 4000128461/19/NL/FC , , 1/2020-6/2020, investigator (IAP): Grison Benjamin
ESA 4000128225/19/NL/AS , , 1/2020-6/2020, investigator (IAP): Urbář Jaroslav