International projects

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CONICET-22-02 - AV ČR - Argentina project, , 2022-2024, investigator (IAP): Chum Jaroslav
HORIZON 2020, PHITIA-NRF 101007599, Plasmasphere Ionosphere Thermosphere Integrated Research Environment and Access services: a Network of Research Facilities, 2021-2024, investigator (IAP): Obrazová (Burešová) Dalia
ESA 4000134036/21/D/MRP, , 2021-2023, investigator (IAP): Kouba Daniel
ESA 4000133567/20/I-BG, AO/1-9544/20/I/NS, Lidar measurements to Identify Streamers and analyse Atmospheric waves, 2021-2022, investigator (IAP): Kozubek Michal
ESA PRODEX PEA 4000134494, , 2021-2022, investigator (IAP): Kolmašová Ivana
ESA PRODEX 4000134835 Contract ML, , 2021-2022, investigator (IAP): Souček Jan
ESA 40000136050/21/NL/AT, , 2021-2022, investigator (IAP): Grison Benjamin
HORIZON 2020, EUROPLANET 2024, projekt EPN2024-RI, ID 871149, EUROPLANET 2024, 2020-2024, investigator (IAP): Souček Jan description
COST CA19139, Process-based models for climate impact attribution across sectors (PROCLIAS), 2020-2024, investigator (IAP): Urban Aleš description
HORIZON 2020 ID 870437, SafeSpace - Radiation Belt Environmental Indicators for the Safety of Space Assets, 2020-2022, investigator (IAP): Santolík Ondřej description
HORIZON 2020, ID 870452, PAGER - Prediction of Adverse effects of Geomagnetic Storms and Energetic Radiation, 2020-2022, investigator (IAP): Souček Jan description
ESA PRODEX C4000127530, , 2019-2025, investigator (IAP): Santolík Ondřej
ESA PRODEX C4000119373, , 2019-2023, investigator (IAP): Souček Jan
ESA PRODEX C4000119373, , 2017-2022, investigator (IAP): Santolík Ondřej
ESA PRODEX C4000117599, , 2015-2022, investigator (IAP): Santolík Ondřej
ESA 4000114275/15/NL/CB, , 2014-2022, investigator (IAP): Santolík Ondřej