Mgr. Kateřina Potužníková, Ph.D.

Department:  Department of Meteorology
Position: Associate Research Scientist
Phone: +420 272 016 019
Room: 19

Professional interest:

  • Parametrization of ABL and land surface processes (especially fog and low-level stratus) in numerical models
  • Study of turbulence in plant canopies (turbulence spectra, coherent structures) - application of wavelet analysis
  • Statistical analysis of data from rain gauges and distrometers
  • Study of vertical couplings in the Earth's atmosphere (especially troposphere-ionosphere coupling via atmospheric gravity waves)
  • Synoptic analysis, classification of tropospheric events with respect to atmospheric wave generation and upward propagation (stratosphere, mesosphere and ionosphere)
  • Ionograms evaluation, data processing for automatic analysis of ionograms (spread F echo, Es classification) with respect to tropospheric analyses