Ing. Dalia Obrazová (Burešová), CSc.

Department:  Department of Ionosphere and Aeronomy
Position: Deputy Director
Position: Senior Research Scientist
Phone: +420 272 016 044
Room: 114


  • HORIZON 202, PHITIA-NRF 101007599 , Plasmasphere Ionosphere Thermosphere Integrated Research Environment and Access services: a Network of Research Facilities, 2021-2024, investigator (IAP): Obrazová (Burešová) Dalia
  • HORIZON 2020 ID 776011 , TechTIDE - Warning and Mitigation Technologies for Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances Effects, 2017-2020, investigator (IAP): Obrazová (Burešová) Dalia
  • NATO SPS ID SfP 984894 , Testing for the first time a novel experimental technique for the identification and tracking TIDs over Europe, 2016-2018, investigator (IAP): Obrazová (Burešová) Dalia
  • GAP209/12/2440 , Dynamické vazby troposféra-ionosféra a jejich vliv na ionosférickou variabilitu, 2012–2016, investigator (IAP): Obrazová (Burešová) Dalia
  • MŠMT. 7AMB12AR018 , Dynamické vazby magnetosféra-ionosféra-troposféra a jejich vliv na proměnlivost ionosféry, 2012-2013, investigator (IAP): Obrazová (Burešová) Dalia
  • GA ČR. GAP209/11/1908 , Ionosférická odezva na poruchy magnetického původu: fáze návratu do normálu, 2011-2014, investigator (IAP): Obrazová (Burešová) Dalia
  • NATO RTO. SCI-229-RTG , Space Environment Support to NATO Space Situational Awareness, 2011-2014, investigator (IAP): Obrazová (Burešová) Dalia