Internal seminars

Internal seminars – invitation

for the autumn cycle of internal seminars of the IAP CAS which always take place on Thursday from 2 pm in the IAP meeting room (2nd floor, door no. 201), Boční II 1401, Prague 4 – Spořilov

19. 10. Vojtěch Bližňák: Road weather forecast: impact of satellite-derived cloud cover

2. 11. Kateryna Aksonova: Analysis of travelling ionospheric disturbances based on measurements of European ionosondes and Kharkiv incoherent scatter radar

9. 11. Benjamin Grison: Cluster locations in the geospace revealed by the GRMB (Geospace Region and Magnetospheric Boundary) dataset

23. 11. Maria Kovalchuk: Results of experiment regarding acid rain effect on electromagnetic waves propagation and radar reflectivity

30. 11. Jan Laštovička: Main results of GAČR project Long-term trends of anthropogenic and natural origin in the stratosphere and upper atmosphere (2021-2023).

7. 12. Martin Dubrovský: Stochastic spatial weather generator SPAGETTA: development and applications