Projekt: PRODEX : Phase B2 development of the Time Domain Sampler (TDS)

The objective of the project is to carry out phase B2 (competitive definition phase) of the development of the Time Domain Sampler (TDS) module for the RPW instrument of Solar Orbiter. The team at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics lead by Jan Souček has been assigned the responsibility to develop and deliver the TDS module by the RPW consortium. The TDS module is one of the wave analyzers implemented on a single circuit board residing in the main electronic box of the RPW instrument. Its main objective is to process signals in the middle frequency range from 100 Hz to 200 kHz. This frequency range includes the electron plasma frequency where one observes solar wind Langmuir waves associated with solar bursts, interplanetary shocks and other solar wind disturbances. These waves play a significant role in solar wind physics, being the source process of the solar radio emissions. The TDS is designed to capture the details of the poorly understood process of conversion of electron beam energy to electromagnetic radiation via Langmuir waves.

Zadavatel: ESA(Z)

Doba trvání: 2011–2012

Řešitel: Souček, J.