The telemetry data

At the Panská Ves observatory are available the telemetry data from these projects:

All projects have consisted from the couple of satellites:

The listings of seances available for first two projects are given in:
Active-main MEM
Active-main RTT
Magion 2 RTT
Apex-main MEM
Apex-main RTT
Magion 3 RTT

where MEM - satellite memory recording, RTT - real time telemetry
Data Format for IK-24,M2,IK25,M3

Active satellite ODCS telemetry format

In these listings the following indications are used:
N orbit number (RTT)
N_P orbit number of transmitting the memory file and its part (MEM)
mode of memory
1 100 frames/s
2 12.5 frames/s
3 3.125 frames/s
4 0.390625 frames/s
the RTT for both first projects had predominantly 10 frames/s
NF number of frames
FF time of the first frame [UT]
LF time of the last frame [UT]
CAL calibration of the analog channels (MEM) for 0.0 and 6.3 V
SP special information for some devices
Q quality (per cent)

The very detailed surveys exist for subsatellites of Apex and Interball project
  • Magion 3
  • Magion 4
  • Magion 5

  • Data Format for Interball sattelites