Meteorological observatory Milešovka

The meteorological observatory Milešovka is situated on the top of the Milešovka Mt. (837 meters a.s.l.) being the highest peak of the "České středohoří" Mts. The isolated phonolite cone of the Milešovka Mt. dominates its vicinity as it is by 400 meters higher than the surrounding terrain. This mountain was formed by the volcanicity in the Tertiary era. The slopes of the Milešovka Mt. are slanted up to 30° being nearly completely wooded, while birches, lindens, oaks, maples, and beeches create the forest.

The duration of meteorological measurements at this observatory reached 100 years in 2005.

At the present, special physical and chemical measurements are performed there in addition to the routine ones because the air quality in the region of the Milešovka Mt. is strongly influenced by industry (brown coal pits, coal power stations, heating plants, chemical factories etc.).