RNDr. Marek Kašpar, Ph.D.

Funkce: zástupce vedoucího oddělení
Pracovní zařazení: Vědecký pracovník
Telefon: +420 272 016 039


  • 1992-2001 - Studies at Mathematical and Physical Faculty, Charles University in Prague, branch Meteorology and Climatology.
  • 1997 - Defended diploma thesis: “Potential and moist symmetric instability in the atmosphere”.
  • 2001 - RNDr. degree, PhD. degree, thesis: “Evolution of cloud and rain bands in the atmosphere”.

Zaměstnání a výuka:

Institute of Atmospheric Physics AS CR, Department of Meteorology, since 1996

Pracovní činnost:

  • Synoptic-scale dynamic meteorology relation between the extremity of thermodynamic characteristics of atmospheric circulation and heavy, widespread rainfalls events in Central Europe.
  • Mesoscale meteorology atmospheric convection, the objective analysis of gust fronts. 

Vybrané publikace: