Conferences 2007

January 3-6:
Midlatitude Ionospheric Dynamics and Disturbances Chapman Conference
Yosemite, CA
Contact person: Paul Kintner

January 8 - February 10:
European Research Course on Atmospheres
Grenoblu, Francie

January - February:
Interntional School of Atmospheric Radars (ISAR)

January 14-18:
AMS Fourth Symposium on Space Weather
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Contact person: Genene Fisher

January 15-19:
The Second International Symposium on KuaFu Project First Announcement
Sanya, Hainan, China
Contact Person: Miss Yun-Qiu Tang

February 13-15:
Multipoint Observations of the Magnetosphere and Its Coupling to the Ionosphere and the Solar Wind
Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA
Contact persons:  David Sibeck
                           Chris StCyr
                           Vassilis Angelopoulos

February 24-28:
2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Geo-Resources in The Middle East and North Africa
Cairo, Egypt.
Contact person: Ali Sadek

February 25 - March 3:
Eighth International School for Space Simulations (ISSS-8)
Kauai, Hawaii
Contact person: Dave Schriver
                         Maha Ashour-Abdalla

February 27 - March 1:
2nd Space and Society Conference  Space Options for the 21st Century
Noordwijk, The Netherlands

February 27 - March 2:
The 30th Annual Seminar - Physics of Auroral Phenomena
Apatity, Russia
Contact person: Alexander Yahnin

March 5-9:
LWS Geostorm CDAW and Conference
Melbourne, Florida, USA
Contact person: Nat Gopalswamy

March 5-9:
Second Alexander von Humboldt International Conference on The Role of Geophysics in Natural Disaster Prevention
Lima, Peru

March 9-9:
INTED2007 - International Technology, Education and Development Conference
Valencia, Spain

March 13-24:
eGY General Meeting
NCAR, Boulder, USA
Contact person: Bill Peterson

March 20-23:
International Symposium on Coupling Processes in the Equatorial Atmosphere (CPEA Symposium)
Kyoto, Japan
Contact person:  Mamoru Yamamoto

March  26-29:
Living with a Star 1: A new era in understanding our space environment
Boulder, Colorado, USA

March  27-29:
Inland and Nearshore Coastal Water Quality Remote Sensing Workshop
Geneva, Switzerland

April 12-14:
The future of Space Exploration: Solutions to Earthly Problems?
Boston, USA
Contact person:  Supriya Chakrabarti

April 15–20:
European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2007
Vienna, Austria

April 23-25:
World Data Centres Conference 2007
Bremen, Germany
Contact person:  Iyemori Toshihiko

April 24-27:
Space Weather Workshop
Boulder, Colorado
Contact person: Terry Onsager

April 27:
IMAGE RPI Science Team Meeting
April 29:
Symposium on Radio Sounding and Plasma Physics
April 30 - May 2:
XI International Digisonde Forum
Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
Contact person: Paul Song

May 4-9:
Greenland IPY 2007 Space Science Symposium (GSSS 2007) - Transport in the Coupled Solar Wind - Geospace System seen from a High-Latitude Vantage Point
Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
Contact person: Bob Clauer

May 14-18:
IHY Conference 2007: Heliophysics: The Sun, the Heliosphere and the Earth
Bad Honnef, Germany
Contact person:  Klaus Scherer

May 15-17:
NSF Workshop on Small Satellite Missions for Space Weather and Atmospheric Research
Arlington, VA, USA
Contact person:  Therese Moretto
                          Robert Weigel

May 15-18:
Taiwan Geosciences Assembly -  Session on Solar-Terrestrial Physics: Dynamics of the Magnetotail and its Connection to Phenomena in the High-Latitude Ionosphere
Longtan, Taiwan
Contact person:  Jih-Hong Shue

May 17-18:
Geoinformatics 2007 Data to Knowledge
San Diego, California, USA

May 21-25:
American Geophysical Union Joint Assembly
Acapulco, Mexico

May 27 - June 1:
1st International Summit on Hurricanes and Climate Change
Crete, Greece

June 4-8:
SuperDARN Workshop 2007
Abashiri, Hokkaido, Japan
Contact person: Nozomu Nishitani

June 4-16:
SUMMER SCHOOL on  Solar-Terrestrial Interactions: INstruments and Techniques (STIINTE)
Sinaia, Romania
Contact person: Thierry Dudok de Wit

June 11-12:
Planetary Auroral Workshop
New England,Whitefield, New Hampshire
Contact person:  John Clarke

June 11-15:
Beacon Satellite Symposium
Boston, USA
Contact person: Pat Doherty

June 11-16:
2nd  International Conference on Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM-2007)
Paris, France
Contact person: Edouard Audit

June 11-16:
MODOBS Summer School on Air-Sea Interaction
Castro Marina (Lecce), Italy

June 12-15:
Virtual Observatories in Geosciences (VOiG) Conference
Denver, Colorado, USA.

June 14-16:
3rd International Conference on Recent Advances in Space Technologies Space for a More Secure World RAST 2007
Istanbul, Turkey

June 17-22:
GEM 2007 Summer Workshop
Zermatt, Utah
Contact person: Robert Clauer

June 18-21:
10th Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference
Biarritz, France
Contact person: Jean-Pierre Catani

June 18-22:
Second European General Assembly of IHY European. Implication to the large infrastructures of the future
Torino, Italy
Contact person: C. Briand

June 24-29:
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Contact person: Barbara Emery

June 25-28:
GPS/INS Multisensor Kalman Filter Navigation
Citadines, Paris Les Halles, France

June 25-29:
Magnetospheres of the Outer Planets 2007
San Antonio, Texas
Contact person: Kurt Retherford

July 2-13:
XXIV IUGG General Assembly
Perugia, Italy

5-8 July:
International Symposium on Paleomagnetism and the Earth"s Deep Interior: Unsolved Problems and Future Challenges
Beijing, China

July 9-13:
SOHO 19/GONG 2007 Seismology of Magnetic Activity
Melbourne, Australia
Contact person: Paul Cally

July 10-14:
COST296/IRI Workshop
Prague, Czech Republic
Contact person: Jan Lastovicka
                         Petra Sauli

July 11-13:
First International Conference on the Art of Resisting Extreme Natural Forces
The New Forest, United Kingdom
Contact person: Rachel Creasey

July 15-20:
XXVIII International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases
Prague, Czech Republic

July 17-26:
AsiaFlux training course on micrometeorology
Seoul, Korea

July 22-27:
4th International Conference on Fog, Fog Collection and Dew
La Serena, Chile

July 23-August 3:
Polar Aeronomy and Radio Science Summer School 2007
Fairbanks and Gakona, Alaska, USA
Contact person: Ms. Joanna Meyers

July 30 - August 3:
EISCAT Radar School - Week 1
Mariehamn, Aand Islands, Finland
Contact person: Jyrki Manninen
(Week 2: 13-17 August 2007 in Sodankylä, Finland)

July 30-August 4:
4th Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) Meeting
Bangkok, Thailand
Contact person: P.K. Manoharan

July 30 - August 3:
SHINE 2007 Workshop
Whistler, BC, Canada
Contact person:  Pete Riley

July 30 - August 7:
Heliophysics Summer School 2007
Boulder, Colorado
Contact person: Lika Guhathakurta

August 2-15:
XXVII IAU General Assembly
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

August 6-10:
13th EISCAT International Workshop
Mariehamn, Aland Islands, Finland
Contact person: Jyrki Manninen

August 13-17:
EISCAT Radar School - Week 2
Sodankylä, Finland
Contact person: Jyrki Manninen
(Week 1: 30 July - 3 August 2007 in Mariehamn, Aland Islands)

August 13-15:
Satellites of the Outer Solar System Workshop
Boulder, Colorado, USA
Contact person: James L. Green
                         Curt Niebur
                         Mary Cloud

August 20-24:
14th Conference on the Middle Atmosphere
Portland, Oregon, USA

August 27 - 31:
Second International Conference on Earth System Modelling
Hamburg, Germany
Contact person: Annette Kirk

August 27-28:
eGY - 4th International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM)
Vienna, Austria

August 27-30:
CAWSES - The Second CAWSES Global Tidal Campaign Workshop
Fredericton, NB, Canada

August 27-31:
SOHO 20 - Transient Events on the Sun and in the Heliosphere
Ghent, Belgium

September 2-7:
High Speed Solar Wind Streams and Geospace Interactions (HSS-GI) Workshop
Ambleside, UK
Contact person: Mick Denton

September 2-7:
Advanced training course on land remote sensing
Lisbon, Spain

September 3-7:
International Summer School on Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
L"Aquila, Italy

September 9-14:
Turbulence and Waves in Space Plasmas
L"Aquila, Italy

September 10-13:
Living With a Star Science Workshop "From the Sun towards the Earth"
Boulder, Colorado, USA
Contact person: C.J. Schrijver

September 11-14:
XXI Colloque GRETSI - Traitement du signal & des images
Troyes, France

September 11-14:
Space Plasmas and Astrophysics, International workshop in honor of André Mangeney
Meudon, France

September 12-14:
Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS): problems, vulnerabilities and solutions
Krk Island, Croatia

September 16-19:
International Seminar: 50th Anniversary of IGY and eGY
Suzdal, Russia
Contact person: Tatiana Prisvetlaya

September 17-19:
TIMED "Open" ITM Science Meeting
Boulder, Colorado, USA
Contact person: Elsayed Talaat

September 23-26:
Ozone Depletion: from its discovery to Envisat and Aura
Athens, Greece

September 24-28:
Conference-Workshop on Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Multipoint Measurements in Space 2 (STAMMS 2)
Orleans, France
Contact person: Vladimir Krasnoselskikh

September 24-28:
Chapman Conference on the Role of the Stratosphere in Climate and Climate Change
Santorini, Greece

September 24-27:
Solar Extreme Events of 2007: Fundamental Science and Applied Aspects
Athens, Greece
Contact person: A. Papaioannou

September 27-30:
EMSEV - 4th International Symposium on Three-Dimensional Electromagnetics: New Horizons
Freiberg, Germany

October 1 - 4:
Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of the Galileo Programme
Toulouse, France
Contact person: Clovis de Matos
                         Alain Hilgers

October 8-10:
Symposium on the 25th Anniversary of the IMAGE Magnetometer Network
Potsdam & Niemegk, Germany
Contact person: Ari Viljanen

October 8-12:
The 20th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Plasmas (ICNSP) and the US-Japan Simulation Science Workshop
Austin, Texas, USA
Contact person: Giovanni Lapenta

October 9-11:
PV 2007 - Ensuring Long-term Preservation and Value Adding to Scientific and Technical Data
Munich, Germany

October 17-19:
Ionising Radiation Data and Exploitation Workshop
Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Contact person:  Alessandra Menicucci

October 17-19:
Space-Based Ionosphere-Thermosphere Research Conference "The Next Steps"
Manhattan Beach, CA, USA
Contact: sbitr at

October17 - 19:
IONO-LOFAR-SKADS Consulting meeting
Dwingeloo, The Netherlands

October 23-27:
SCOSTEP - International CAWSES Symposium
Kyoto, Japan

November 5-9:
Fourth European Space Weather Week
Brussels, Belgium
Contact person: Jean Lilensten

November 5 - 10:
International Heliophysical Year: New insights into Solar-Terrestrial Physics associated with the Sputnik 50th Anniversary Celebration
Zvenigorod, Russia
Contact person: Galina Kotova 

November 6-7:
EMSEV - IWSEP2007 International Workshop on Seismo Electromagnetic Phenomena: Recent Progress
Bandung, Indonesia

November 11-16:
EuCAP 2007
Edinburgh, UK

November 11 - 16:
IHY-Africa Space Weather Science and Education Workshop
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Contact person: Tim Fuller-Rowell

November 12-15:
10th International Seminar - Low-frequency wave processes in space plasma
Zvenigorod, Moscow Region, Russia

November 13-16:
GPS/INS Multisensor Kalman Filter Navigation
Citadines, Paris Les Halles, France
Sundestin, Destin, Florida, USA

November 14-15:
Brussels, Belgium

November 20-22:
International Symposium on Aerosol-Chemistry-Climate Interactions
Ahmedabad, India.

December 10-14:
AGU Fall Meeting
San Francisco, California, USA