Conferences 2006

January 4-7:
2006 URSI National Meeting Session: "Ionospheric Effects of Lightning"
Boulder, Colorado, USA
Contact person:  Elizabeth Gerken
                          Victor Pasko

January 10 - 13:
First IHY European General Assembly
Paris, France
Contact person:  Carine Briand

January 16-20:
Symposium on Energy Transformation and Transmission in the Earth-Sun System
Kona, Hawaii
Contact person: Tony Lui

PC Index Workshop
St. Petersburg, Russia
Contact person:  Oleg Troshichev
                          Peter Stauning

February 7-10:
The 2006 Yosemite Workshop
Yosemite, California, USA
Jerry Goldstein

February 19-24:
ILWS Workshop - The Solar Influence on the Heliosphere and Earth"s Environment: Recent Progress and Prospects
Goa, India
Contact persons: Lika Guhathakurta
      Archana Bhattacharya

February 22-24:
Third CNES Workshop on Earth-Space Propagation
Toulouse, France
Contact person: Lacoste Frederic >
                        Frederic Cornet >

February 27 - March 3:
29th Annual Apatity Seminar "Physics of Auroral Phenomena"
Apatity, Russia
Contact persons: Dr Alexander Yahnin
                          Nadezhda Semenova

March  6-10:
11th Quadrennial Solar Terrestrial Physics Symposium of SCOSTEP "Sun, Space Physics and Climate"
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

March 13-14:
General meeting for the eGY
Boulder, Colorado, USA

March 20-21:
Radio Science Symposium for A Sustainable Humanosphere
Kyoto, Japan
Contact Person:  Hiroshi Matsumoto
                          Kozo Hashimoto
                         Yoshiharu Omura  

March 21-23:
Harry Petschek Symposium on Magnetic Reconnection
Maryland, USA
Contact Person: Michael Hesse

March 27-31:
Eighth International Conference on Substorms (ICS-8)
Banff, Canada
Contact Person: Eric Donovan

March 27  - April 1:
The Physics of the Sun: the Active Sun on your Active Desktop
L"Aquila, Italy

March 31 - April 4:
IAU Symposium 233 "Solar Activity and its Magnetic Origin"
Cairo, Egypt
Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hady

April 2-7:
EGU General Assembly
Vienna, Austria

April 10-11:
Second Sheffield Space Plasma Physics Conference "Multiscale Structures and Multipoint Measurements"
Sheffield, UK
Contact Person: Simon Walker

April 19-21:
Mastering the Data Explosion in the Earth and Environmental Sciences
Canberra, Australia
Contact Person: Charles Barton

April 25-28:
Space Weather Week 2006 Conference
Boulder, Colorado, USA
Contact Person: Terry Onsager

May 2-19:
International Advanced School on Space Weather
Trieste, Italy
Contact Person: Jeff Forbes

May 3-5:
First Swarm International Science Meeting
Nantes, France
Contact Person: Benoit Langlais

May 7-12:
10 Years of SOHO and Beyond
Taormina, Sicily, Italy  (coming soon)
Contact person: Bernhard Fleck

May 7-15:
Dynamical Processes in Space Plasmas
Dead Sea, Israel
Contact person: Michael Gedalin

May 18-19:
DIAS Final Conference
Rome, Italy

May 22-26:
AGU Assembly
Baltimore, USA

May 28-June 2:
Planetary Science: Challenges and Discoveries
Blois, France
Contact person:  Ludwik Celnikier

May 29 - June 1:
MHD Waves and Oscillations in Solar Magnetic Structures
Illetas, Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
Contact person: Robert von Fay-Siebenburgen

May 30 - June 1:
6th European Conference on Noise Control "Euronoise 2006"
Tampere, Finland

2006 4-8:
Commission on Mathematic Geophysics (CMG)

June 4-6:
8-th International Symposium "TRANSPORT NOISE AND VIBRATION, 2006"
St. Petersburg, Russia

June 5-9:
SuperDARN Workshop
Chincoteague, Virginia, USA
Contact person:  Joseph Baker

June 7-8:
Polar Science Workshop
Berkeley, CA
Contact person: Nicky Fox

June 11-16:
20 Years of Nonlinear Dynamics in Geosciences
Rhodes, Greece
Contact person: Anastasios Tsonis
                         James Elsner

June 12-16:
NATO IST 051 RTG 023 symposium - Characterizing the Ionosphere
Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
Contact person: Wheadon, Nigel

June 12-17:
Summer School "Imaging, Communication, and Disorder"
Cargese, Corsica, France or contact us directly at

June 14-16:
International Symposium Demeter
Toulouse, France
Contact person: Delphine Michel

June 16:
IAGA - 50th Jubilee of the Tihany Geophysical Observatory
Tihany, Hungary

June 19-23:
Solicitation for CEDAR 2006 Workshops
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Contact person: Jonathan

June 19-24:
XIIth IAGA Workshop - Geomagnetic Observatory and Instrument
Belsk, Poland.
Contact: < iaga2006 at>

June 25-30:
GEM 2006 Summer Workshop
Snowmass, Colorado
Contact person: Frank Toffoletto

 June 26-30:
First International Meeting "Space Science Education and University Satellites" -UNIVERSAT-2006
Moscow, Russia
Contact person:

June 26-30:
AAS Solar Physics Division Meeting
University of New Hampshire, USA
Contact person: Amber Perkins

June 27 -July 1:
CAWSES, Solar Variability and Earth Climate
Monte Porzio Catone, Rome, Italy

June 28 - July 1:
11th Workshop on the Physics of Dusty Plasmas
Williamsburg, VA
Contact person: Bill Amatucci

July 1:
Hollweg Symposium
University of New Hampshire, USA
Contact person: Amber Perkins

July 8-15:
International Disaster Reduction Conference IDRC 2006
Davos, Switzerland

July 9-14:
10th SEDI Symposium
Prague, Czech Republic
Contact person: Dr Pavel Hejda < ph at>

July 10-14:
Planetary Science Session Proposals for the Third AOGS Meeting
Contact persons: Yoshifumi Saito
                           Anil Bhardwaj

July 12-14:
Second Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) - Open Science Conference on "Antarctica in the Earth System"
Hobart, Australia
Contact person: Robert Clauer

July 16-19:
2nd International Symposium on Management, Engineering and Informatics
Orlando, Florida, USA

July 16-23:
36th COSPARScientific Assembly and Associated Events
Beijing, China
Contact person: A. Janofsky

July 24-29:
Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting
Beijing, China
Contact person: Ms. Yu Shen

July 17 - August 11:
Potsdam, Germany

July 18-21:
IEE Ionospheric Radio Systems and Techniques conference
London, UK
Contact person:

July 24-27:
The Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting (WPGM)
Beijing, China
Contact person: Guan Le

July 24-28:
NASA"s 18th Annual Planetary Science Summer School
Pasadena, California. .
Contact person:  Michael Mendillo

July 24 - August 4:
Space Weather Phenomena, Consequences, and Modeling or Reality, Harsh Reality, and Virtual Reality
Boston, USA
Contact person: W. J. Hughes

July 31 -August 4:
NASA"s 18th Annual Planetary Science Summer School
Pasadena, California. .
Contact person:  Michael Mendillo

July 31-August 10:
Summer School in Alaska
Alaska, USA
Contact person:  Bill Bristow
                          Joanna Meyers

August 2-5:
Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS 2006)
Tokyo, Japan

August 14-25:
XXVI IAU General Assembly
Prague, Czech Republic

August 28 - September 1:
The 33rd Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods
Kiruna, Sweden
Contact person: Ingrid Sandahl

August 30 - September 01:
ESG 2006 symposium
Grenoble, France

September 3-8:
10th Castle Meeting Paleo, Rock and Environmental Magnetism
Valtice, Czech Republic
Contact persons: Eduard Petrovsky

September 4-8:
4th IAGA/ICMA/CAWSES Workshop Long Term Changes and Trends in the Atmosphere
Sodankyla, Finland
Contact persons: Thomas Ulich for local organization
                           Jan Lastovicka for program

September 10-16:
Course on "Solar-Terrestrial Physics"-  Advanced School in Space Environment-2006
L"Aquila, Italy or send an
Contact person: Umberto Villante

September 11-15:
Symposium on the Composition of Matter
Grindelwald, Switzerland
Contact person: Glenn Mason

September 13-16:
The Second International Symposium on Space Climate: "Long-term Change in the Sun, and its effects in the Heliosphere and Planet Earth"
Sinaia, Romania
Contact person:  Kalevi Mursula
                          Georgeta Maris

September 17-23:
18th International Workshop on Electromagnetic Induction in the Earth
El Vendrell, Catalonia, Spain
Contact person: Pilar Queralt

September 18-22:
3rd IAGA/ICMA Workshop Vertical Coupling in the Atmosphere-Ionosphere System
Varna, Bulgaria
Contact person: Dora Pancheva

September 18-22:
International Symposium on Recent Observations and Simulations of the Sun-Earth System (ISROSES)
Varna, Bulgaria
Contact person: Ilia Roussev
                        Vania Jordanova

September 20-22:
Earth"s Radiative Energy Balance Related to SORCE
San Juan Islands, Washington, USA
Contact person:  Vanessa George

September 25-27:
Third CNES Workshop on Earth - Space Propagation
Toulouse, France
Contact persons:

September 26-30:
2nd VERSIM Workshop 2006,
Sodankyla, Finland
Contact person: Jyrki Manninen

October 2-6:
57th International Astronautical Congress
Valencia, Spain
Contact person:  Ralph McNutt

October 9-13:
The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas
Coimbra, Portugal
Contact persons: LOC

October 10-13:
IGPP Workshop on Plasmaspheric Drainage Plumes
Fechin Inn, Taos, New Mexico
Contact persons: Joe Borovsky

October 11-13:
First AMISR Science Planning Workshop
Pacific Grove, California, USA
Contact person:  Elizabeth Kendall

October 16-20:
URSI/COSPAR International Reference Ionosphere Workshop 2006
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Contact person: Marta Mosert

October 22-25:
CODATA 2006 Scientific Data and Knowledge within the Information Society
Beijing, China
Contact person: Peter Fox

October 23-25:
20th International CODATA Conference: Scientific Data and Knowledge within the Information Society
Beijing, China

November 1-3:
Future Perspectives of Space Plasma and Particle Instrumentation and International Collaborations
Tokyo, Japan
Contact person: Toshifumi Mukai
                          Masafumi Hirahara

November 4-8:
The Physics of Solar-Wind/Magnetosphere Coupling
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Contact persons: Joe Borovsky

November 13-17:
Third European Space Weather Week
Brussels, Belgium
     Jean Lilensten and
     Ronald van der Linden

November 2006:
1st European Conference on  Antennas and Propagation - EuCAP 2006
Nice, France

November 27-December 1:
Second UN/NASA Workshop on the International Heliophysical Year and Basic Space Sciences
Bangalore, India
Contact persons: Nat Gopalswamy

November 28 - December 1:
FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Workshop 2006 - Early Results and IOP Campaigns
Taipei, Taiwan
Contact persons: Frank Cheng

December 11-15:
AGU Fall Meeting
San Francisco, USA