For accommodation, the organisers recommend to contact the PRAGUE INTERNATIONAL Travel Agency,

Officer in charge: Ms. Petra Valesova (

Senovážné nám. 23, 110 00 Praha 1,

Phone: +420 210 219 252, Fax: +420 210 219 200


This Travel Agency and the local organisers are recommending these hotels:

Document RECOMMENDED HOTELS is containing the list and description of offered hotels.

Please, use "OPTICWISE" as subject in your mail or fax and in the first row of your e-mail/fax.

For booking, please contact Ms Petra Valesová (, fax +420 210 219 200) and send her the completed BOOKING FORM by latest 25.3. 2013 (Monday) - some hotels have earlier deadline - see "recommended hotels". Do not forget also to fill in the Registration form.

Contact her also in the case you wish stay longer time, to arrange transport to/from the airport etc.

The hotels are available on the "first come-first serve basis."

NOTICE: The bus transport to/from IAP is organised only from/to hotels:

Panorama hotel and Clarion City hotel. Other hotels are in walking distance from the Clarion City hotel.