Specialised portals

The following websites provide many links to other websites, and can serve as starting points for browsing: 

Specialised gateways

The following websites can help you search specialised databases using a single search interface:

  • Technology – information portal searching subscribed databases; run by the National Technical Library
  • UIG – important union information portal; project of the National Library and Charles University
  • Information gateway – MetaLib search portal – parallel search of electronic information resources in the CAS Library. The MetaLib portal allows users simultaneous search for entries of documents (especially articles) in multiple electronic information sources (predefined resource groups, e.g. “Full-text databases” or “Abstract and citation databases”), based on a suitable search query. Basic instructions for use can be found here.

Web search engines

Services for finding the desired sites in the broad Internet environment

Directories of web links 

The Museum of the Czech Web

  • WebArchiv – the archives of Czech websites