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The book is not in the catalogue!

If the book is not available in our catalogue, try to search in the UIG - Union Information Gate and the Czech Union Catalogue. If you find the title, contact us. We will be happy to get the book for you using the interlibrary loan service (ILS).

The book is not in the union catalogue.

If you cannot find the book in any of the two databases mentioned above, it is very likely no Czech library owns it. But if you are still interested in the title, please contact the library. We will order the book from abroad. Time of delivery from abroad varies from a week to several months. As a library user, you have the right to the international interlibrary loan service (IILS) which, however, is not free of charge.

The book might be available online.

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We should probably buy the book...

If you think the book you are interested in should be purchased by the library, please let us know by using the link in the left menu.