12. 8. 2016

Library Stocktaking

We ask you for your kind cooperation. Please produce the books and journals which you have and which are marked with an IAP library stamp. Let librarians check them off. Thank you!  

Library Sources 2017

If you have special requests, please contact the library, write in the form or inform your representatives in the library commission. We ask employees of the Department of Space Physics to follow the first two instructions for now. Joint purchase of AGU resources with the Library of the Institute of Geophysics unfortunately failed because of unsuccessful negotiation with the publisher. 


RIV is working again. FF MUNI offers enriched search within the results of recent evaluation. 


27. 5. 2016

Conference on parasitic relations in academic publishing

Conference with participation of Jeffrey Beall will be held on the 2nd of June, 2016 in the main building ASCR, Národní 3. 


Taylor and Francis - open access

Taylor and Francis made its most-read articles available online at the publisher website.


Updated Researcher ID

UFA Library recently re-checked the profiles of employees UFA and added some missing links.


6. 4. 2016

Sample of Wiley articles in open access regime

Wiley made some atmosphere science articles available in open access regime.


6. 4. 2016

Books on physics

Our contractor Suweco offers discount up to 25 % off in the case of collecting multiple pieces of 10 best-selling books on physics  (see below). If interested, please write to fia@ufa.cas.cz.

Soubor: CUP Physics - TOP 10.xls


4. 4. 2016

Website translated into English 

Website of IAP Library has been completely translated into English by professional translator. We hope you will be able to use our website more comfortably now.