A high-performance parralle computing facility is used within our group for numerical modelling of Solar system bodies, e.g. Moon, Mercury, or Jovian satellites, and their interaction with heliospheric plasmas. The current 7th generation was implemented in 2015.

The development of the parallel system was performed unde cooperation with the Spinx Systems company and with INTEL beeing the official suppliear of the CPUs.

The high performance of the system enables to our team collaboration on many space research projects, such as Messenger/NASA and BepiColombo/JAXA (study of Mercury), Artemis/NASA (Moon) or JUICE/ESA (Ganymede). The system was used to develop and aprrove the first ever global hybrid numerical model of planet Mercury and its magnetosphere, which was later successfuly applied for data interpretation of Messenger observations. The numerical simulations were used also to probide analysis and explanations of many processed in the terrestrial magnetosphere observed by the Cluster II mission (ESA). The high-performance system is also being used in relation with the ARTEMIS mission to desrcibe plasma processes in the Lunar near surface environment resulting from interactions with the solar wind.

Current configuration:

7th generation

  • 96 nodes
  • 1024 CPU cores

    • 64 x Intel®Xeon®Processor L5520

    • 64 x Intel®Xeon®Processor L5620

    • 64 x Intel® Xeon®Processor E5-2618L

  • 1024 GB RAM

  • 19 TB HDD


vypocetni cluster