Departement od Upper Atmosphere

The list of present and past projects

Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GA ČR)

  • GA ČR. GC15-07281J, Phenomena coupling the neutral and ionized atmosphere , 2015–2017, investigator (IAP): Chum, J. Details
  • GA ČR. GA14-19376S, Driving of the Earth magnetosphere by ICMEs and CIRs, 2014–2016, Řešitel: Prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Němeček, DrSc., investigator (IAP): Šimůnek, J. Details
  • GA ČR. GAP209/10/2086, Modeling of variability of the thermal plasma parameters in the Earth, 2010-2012, investigator (IAP): Truhlík, V., Team: Podolská K., Details
  • GA ČR. GA205/09/0170, The role of solar wind disturbances in Space Weather, 2009-2013, investigator (IAP): Šimůnek, J. Details
  • GA ČR. GA205/09/1253, Electromagnetic phenomena coupling the troposphere, mesosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere, 2009-2013, investigator (IAP): Chum, J. Details

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT)

  • MŠMT. LH14194, Development, manufacturing and calibration of DSS-LG sun sensor for BMSW-LG instrument for Luna-glob mission, 2014–2016, Vojta, J., investigator (IAP): Vojta, J. Details
  • MŠMT. LH12230, Participation in Chibis project, namely the reception of the telemetry from the satellite Chibis-M at Panska Ves receiving and telemetry station and related modernization of the equipment., 2012–2013, investigator (IAP): Vojta, J. Details
  • MŠMT. 7AMB12AR018, Magnetosphere-ionosphere-troposphere coupling and its impact on ionospheric variability , 2012-2013, investigator (IAP): Obrazová (Burešová), D. Details
  • MŠMT. LH11123, Modeling and analysis of thermal plasma parameters using measurements of the Earth, 2011-2014, investigator (IAP): Truhlík, V. Details
  • MŠMT. LG11032, COSPAR 2011-2013, 2011-2013, investigator (IAP): Truhlík, V. Details