The establishment of Dlouhá Louka observatory in 1993 was in framework of the project “Experimental wind turbine”, financed by the biggest Czech power distribution company ČEZ.A specialized observatory with meteorological mast and experimental wind turbine EWT 315 kW was built at the site. The research was focused on observation of the vertical profile of wind speed and turbulence in the mountainous terrain and assessment of the impact of turbulence, icing and electrical discharges on the operation and performance of wind turbines. In the period 1993–2000, the site was manned permanently with staff that took care of the installed sensors and wind turbine. Whenthe four-year project finished in 2000, the wind turbine was dismantled and later placed in Boží Dar. The wind measurement was further maintained in a limited extent without presence of permanent staff. In 2010 a wooden shelterwas built at the bottom of the measuring mast to secure electrical equipment and dataloggers.