The list of present and past projects


Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GA ČR)

  • GA ČR. GA13-34856S, Advanced random field methods in data assimilation for short-term weather prediction, 2013-2016, investigator (IAP): Pešice, P. Details
  • GA ČR. GPP209/12/P701, The uncertainty estimation of convective precipitation forecast using regional EPS, 2012-2014, investigator (IAP): Zacharov, P. Details
  • GA ČR. GAP209/11/2045, Constraining continuous simulations of flood frequency using mapping saturated areas to constrain prediction uncertainties, 2011-2015, investigator (IAP): Řezáčová, D., Team: Zacharov, P.; Pešice, P. Details
  • GA ČR. GAP102/11/1376, Effect of Propagation Impairments on Error Performance of Future Broadband Terrestrial Wireless Systems, 2011-2013, investigator (IAP): Fišer, O. Details
  • GA ČR. GAP209/11/1990, Extreme weather events in the Czech Republic and their relationship to meso-alpha meteorological patterns, 2010-2014, investigator (IAP): Kašpar, M. Details
  • GA ČR. GA205/09/1918, Soluble and insoluble fraction of inorganic pollutants in various types of precipitation, their quantification and input into the ecosystems, 2009-2013, investigator (IAP): Fišák, J. Details
  • GA ČR. GA205/07/0905, Exploitation of remote sensing means for modelling and monitoring of convective storms, 2007-2011, Příjemce: ÚFA, Spolupříjemce: ČHMÚ, investigator (IAP): Sokol, Z., Team: Zacharov P., Details

Technologic Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR)

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT)

  • MŠMT. LD13036, Atmospheric influence on free space optic links attenuation with regard to turbulences and wind impact, 2013-2015, investigator (IAP): Fišer, O. Details
  • MŠMT. LD11044, Methods for validating numerical prediction of convective precipitation – the evaluation of the efficiency of physical parameterizations, 2011-2014, investigator (IAP): Řezáčová, D., Team: Bližňák, V.; Pešice, P.; Sokol, Z.; Zacharov, P. Details
  • MŠMT. ME09033, Very short range precipitation and hydrological forecast focused on flash flood prediction, 2009-2012, investigator (IAP): Sokol, Z., Team: Pešice P. Details
  • MŠMT. OC09027, Cloud, fog and rain influence on optical and radio wireless links, 2009-2012, investigator (IAP): Fišer, O. Details