RNDr. Radan Huth, DrSc.


Date and place of birth: July 13, 1964, Český Brod



* graduated in meteorology and climatology from the Charles University, Prague, in 1987

* RNDr. degree received in 1988

* post-graduate studies at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, 1988-1992, thesis defended in 1992

* CSc. (PhD) received in 1993

* DrSc. (DSc.) received in 2001


Professional experience:

Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Prague: research associate 1987-1990, research scientist since 1990, senior research scientist since 2002

Scientific secretary of IAP 1992-2003

Member of the Scientific Council of IAP 1994-2006

Chairman of the Scientific Council of IAP since 1997-2006

Head of Dept. of Climatology and Aeronomy since 2004

Director of IAP since 2006


Participation in research projects:

International projects:

U.S. Country Studies Programme, funded by US Environment Protection Agency, 1993-1995

Integrated Approach to Climate and Health Research (IACHE), ENRICH programme of EU, 1999-2000, coordinator G.R. McGregor, University of Birmingham, UK

Assessment and prevention of acute health effects of weather conditions in Europe (PHEWE), 5th FP EU, 2002-2005, coordinator P.Michelozzi, Agency of Public Health, Rome, Italy (sub-contractor)

ENSEMBLE-based predictions of climate change and its impacts (ENSEMBLES), 6th FP EU, integrated project, 2004-2008, coordinator D.Griggs, Meteorological Office, Bracknell, UK (contractor)

COST733 (Harmonisation and Applications of Weather Types Classifications for European Regions) – vice-chair of the management committee, chair of Working Group 1 (2005-2010)

Central and Eastern Europe Climate Change Impact and Vulnerability Assessment, 6th FP EU, STREP, 2006-2009, coordinator T.Halenka, Charles University, Prague (contractor, leader of WP3)

Principal investigator of 10 projects funded by national grant agencies (since 1991), guarantee of two post-doctoral projects. Participant in other 10 national grant projects since 1994


Other activities:

Member of the Committee for Doctoral Studies in Meteorology and Climatology at Charles University since 2000

Secretary of the specialized commission on Earth and Space Sciences of the Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences 2000-2003

Member of the Czech National Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics since 2004

Vice-chair of the National Climatic Programme of the Czech Republic since 2005


Membership in editorial boards and other international activities

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Studia geophysica et geodaetica since 2000

Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Climatology since 2005

Member of the Advisory Board of Meteorologische Zeitschrift since 2006

Member of the Review Panel of the EUROCLIMATE programme (EUROCORES; funded by the European Science Foundation) – 2003-2005

National correspondent for the International Association for Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS) since 2004


International stays:

Department of Meteorology, University of Reading, UK, 1993-1994, 7 months

Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Catholic University Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 1995-1996, 12 months



Otto Wichterle Prize (2002) – awarded by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic for outstanding researchers under 40

International Journal of Climatology Prize (2003) – awarded for outstanding research paper(s) published in the journal in the last five years by the Royal Meteorological Society, UK


Participation in conferences:

Invited presentations at:

7th International Meeting on Statistical Climatology, Whistler, Canada, 1998

2nd IACHE (Integrated Approach to Climate and Human Health Research) Workshop, Lisbon, Portugal, 2000

2nd Workshop on Long-term Changes and Trends in the Atmosphere, Prague, Czech Republic, 2001

10 Years of Global Change Research in the Czech Republic, Ostravice, Czech Republic, 2002

5th European Conference on Applied Climatology and 4th Annual Meeting of the European Meteorological Society, Nice, France, 2004

5th Annual Meeting of the European Meteorological Society, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 2005

Expert Workshop on Statistical Downscaling, Oslo, Norway, 2005

More than 70 other presentations at conferences (international in large majority).


Professional interests:

statistical climatology, synoptic climatology, applications of statistical methods in the atmospheric sciences, general atmospheric circulation, climatic change, climate change impacts


List of publications in international peer-reviewed journals